Back in March 2006 Brothers Scott & Troy Thompson set out to build a clothing brand with one focus.

Transforming clothing into works of art.




With no formal training in fashion the brothers got to work. Designing their first collection in back room of their parents art studio. 

The finished product was a collection of 13 unique designs entitled “the immortals”.

Sharing a mutual love for old world and religious motif artwork , the brothers found their first inspirations in artwork from legendary painters like Leonardo Da Vinci , wood cut artists and illustrations from Gustave Dore and Jose Guadalupe Posada.

The main idea was so merge this iconic old world art , with rock and roll lyrics . This unlikely combination of the old world imagery with iconic one liners created something unique and new in itself…..

The Saints Sinphony was born

In Nov 2008 the vision came to reality when the brothers released 13 works of art that they put on tee shirts and titled  “the immortals”  The collection was the first of many successful works of art . Over the last 10 years the Brothers have expanded the line & the brand has released over 5000 different works of art which now are all out of production. You can still find rare limited pieces around the world still in circulation.




The Saints Sinphony has had the great honor of being seen on many top celebrities, as well as worked alongside many artists in collaboration projects . Two of our favorite collaborations were with Dee Snider of Twisted Sister and iconic rap legend Juvenile. 

In 2007 We were commisioned by the Legendary Karl Lagerfeld to design a few pieces for his collection. It was an honor to work with him. 




After 10 years making the coolest t shirts on Earth  , brothers Scott & Troy Thompson reinvent The Saints Sinphony brand with a unique new twist . Each design has only a 10 day window to purchase before its numbered and retired. Giving each customer a rare and limited work of art.

Our timeless slogan


Since the first collection The Brothers adopted the slogan “We aint gonna die”. from the Alice in chain song “Rooster”. “If there is one thing you can get from our brand let it be to never give up on your dreams . We are the Dreamers and our brand is for the dreamers.”

Shine on you crazy diamond……